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Welcome to Facilities Planning, Design & Development

Facilities Planning, Design & Development coordinates campus facility planning through the development and management of major and minor capital improvement projects. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance of the Campus Physical Master Plan, a guide for the physical development of the campus designed to accommodate projected enrollment and educational programs consistent with the Academic Master Plan.
  • Development of the Five-Year Capital Improvement Program: projected capital improvement needs, by project, for five years beyond the period covered by the latest Governor's budget each year.  The Five-Year Capital Improvement Program includes both state funded and non-state funded projects.  The program includes project description, justification, construction estimates, and schedules.
  • Development of Project Specifications, a detailed description of the physical characteristics of proposed facilities.  The document defines the relationship of the proposed facility to the master plan and other facilities on campus specific to physical characteristics of the building and detailed description of all assignable rooms to be included in the building.  This document is issued as the instructions to the project architect or engineer for the design of the project.
  • Development and coordination of the Minor Capital Outlay Program, an annual submission of a prioritized list of minor construction projects, including project description, justification and construction estimates.  The constructions projects are limited to those projects that correct deficiencies, provide new or improved facilities, or provide equipment for new or improved facilities.  Minor construction does not include any work classified as maintenance.



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